Autofocus (ongoing)

Project Autofocus aims at establishing a research domain founded on the porosity of knowledge and which comes off as a result of intersections. Architecture, Philosophy, Neurosciences are the broad constituents of the domain. [Read more…]
Project coordinator:
Pedro Borges de Araújo

Estranged from Oneself: Depersonalization and multisensory integration in autistic embodiment (2017–2018)

This project brings together interdisciplinary resources by combining philosophy, cognitive neuroscience and explores the relationship between the experience of depersonalisation and sensorimotor processing of self and other. [Read more…]
Principal investigator: Anna Ciaunica

Austin’s Revolution and Its Impact on Philosophy of Language (2015-2016)

In the opening pages of his 1955 conferences “How to do things with words”, Austin declared that a revolution was taking place in philosophy. A revolution propelled by a change in the way philosophers were thinking about that which, up to recent years, had been assumed to be the bearers of true or false descriptions: ‘statements’. [Read more…]
Project coordinator: Eduardo Marchesan

To See or Not to See? Hallucinations from a multidisciplinary perspective (2013-2015)

Although philosophers and psychologists have been working intensively in the area of hallucinations in recent years, they have seldom communicated with each other (an important exception is [1/pr]). As we believe this lack of communication to be detrimental to a full understanding of the kind of mental phenomena in question, our proposal consists in a multidisciplinary approach to hallucinations. [Read more…]
Principal investigator: Mattia Riccardi

The Bounds of Judgment – From Frege to cognitive agents and human thinkers (2011-2013)

This project is about what it is to be a thinker, centering on the notion of judgment. Judgment is a posture towards the world, held rightly or wrongly (in one sense) solely in virtue of the world being as it is. A judgment fixes how the world would matter to its correctness; the world then does its mattering. [Read more…]
Principal investigator: Sofia Miguens

Consciousness and Subjectivity (2008-2011)

This project started with a common concern about the generalization of a naturalized epistemology stance in current philosophical discussions in analytic philosophy, especially in the philosophy of mind and language. [Read more…]
Principal investigators: Gerhard Preyer (Goethe Universität Frankfurt, Germany) and Sofia Miguens (University of Porto, Portugal)

Convergences (2007-2010)

In this project we aim at exploring prospects for a 21st century post-analytic and post-phenomenological philosophy of thought, mind and language. The project involves a strong component of history of 20th century philosophy, in both traditions, a working out of genealogies, and a critique of the caricatures of analytic and continental philosophy as being, respectively, anti-metaphysical and scientificist and anti-scientificist. [Read more…]
Principal investigator: Sofia Miguens

Conversations on Practical Rationality (2007-2010)

“Conversations on Practical Rationality” is a volume of interviews focusing on philosophy of action and exploring its direct links to moral philosophy, moral psychology and the philosophy of economics. It is centered on nine interviews with some of the leading figures working on the subject. [Read more…]
Project team: Carlos Mauro, Sofia Miguens, Susana Cadilha

Philosophy of Mind – An anthology (2007-2010)

This project took place as part of the research agenda of MLAG in collaboration with Centro de Ética e Filosofia da Mente (UFRJ – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro). [Read more…]
Principal investigator: Sofia Miguens

Rationality, Belief, Desire II – From cognitive science to philosophy (2005-2008)

The main aim of this project is to understand the difference between the stances of cognitive science and philosophy in approaching the nature of mind. [Read more…]
Principal investigator: Sofia Miguens

Rationality, Belief, Desire I – Motivation for action from the viewpoint of the theory of mind (2003-2005)

The project aims at an analysis of the nature of rationality focusing on agents’ motivation to action. The final result should be a theory of rationality, which we think involves (i) a characterization of the factors at play when cognitive agents move from certain beliefs to others, add or eliminate beliefs from their corpus of beliefs, or opt for a course of action from several alternatives, based on a set of beliefs and desires, (ii) a set of hypotheses on how we decide among rightness criteria when we talk of the justifiedness of beliefs and actions, (iii) a set of hypotheses on the reasons which lead us to want to know (if indeed we do) if our beliefs are true and our reasoning and actions rational. [Read more…]
Principal investigator: Sofia Miguens