Schizophrenia, Minkowski, & Bergsonism

On June 4, 2018 by zepedrocorreia

Schizophrenia, Minkowski, & Bergsonism. João Machado Vaz. MLAG Discussion Papers, Vol. 9. Porto: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto. 2018. ISBN: 978-989-54030-0-4.

“… the work of João M. Vaz on Minkowski stands out for the timeliness and the originality of its methodological approach … it presents the problem concerning ‘the reasons that underlie Minkowski’s choice of using some Bergsonian concepts while disregarding others’. More specifically, it questions Minkowski’s disregard for one of the most important elements of Bergson’s philosophy, that is, memory. This is a very important and interesting point, given the central role that the topic of temporality, in the form of lived time, plays within Minkowski’s structural approach. Furthermore, it is an issue that has not up to now been taken into consideration by critical literature.” — Elisabetta Basso

“After 50 years of clinical psychiatry and teaching, from the golden years of psychopharmacs to the present crisis, trying to do the best for my patients, but dealing with several evolving classifications, concepts, theories, consensus, guidelines and clinical practices, the act of reading this critical approach of João M. Vaz has been a very stimulating exercise for me, allowing me to understand how the past can illuminate the present and open up the future. I hope the reader can share the same pleasure and openness of ideas.” — J.L. Pio Abreu

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