Aspects of Judgement – Proceedings of C-MLAG Annual International Conference 2009 & 2010

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Aspects of JudgementAspectos do Juízo / Aspects of Judgement – Actas do Colóquio Internacional Anual C-MLAG 2009 & 2010 / Proceedings of C-MLAG Annual International Conference 2009 & 2010, Miguens, Pinto e Teles coords., Porto, FL-UP, MLAG Discussion Papers vol. 4, 2011. 295 pp. ISBN: 978-972-8932-69-5; ISSN: 1646-6527.

This volume includes in Part I (The Bounds of Judgement) materials from the beginnings of project The bounds of judgement – Frege, cognitive agents and human thinkers and in Part II (From an Ethical Point of View) further work by Mind, Language and Action Group (MLAG) researchers. The volume also marks the close collaboration of MLAG (University of Porto) with the research group Episteme (University of Santiago de Compostela), embodied in exchanges between ongoing projects The bounds of judgements – Frege, cognitive agents and human thinkers (PTDC/FIL-FIL/10798/2009) and Cognitive attitudes and the justification of knowledge (FFI2009-08828). We stick to the principle adopted for our two collections at FL-UP of publishing texts in the languages we work in, which in this case means, besides Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Galician. We believe multilingualism with English as common denominator is the future for research in Europe, and we are very happy that this conviction is shared by all MLAG members and by all of those with work with us